Upon a yacht in Subic Bay’s embrace, Vows whispered, love’s sweet grace. Dearest gathered, a cherished crew, As the sea cradles a tale anew.

Gently rocking, love takes flight, In the soft embrace of the tranquil night. Sunset hues, a warm, golden kiss, Nature witnesses, in tranquil bliss.

Beneath the canvas of the fading light, Hearts entwined, a captivating sight. A warm glow cast upon the sea, A moment, a promise, a love decree.

In Subic’s arms, a tale unfolds, Of vows exchanged and love that holds. A symphony of waves, a setting sun, A love story, forever begun.

Sunset Vows in Subic Bay

This isn’t just a wedding; it’s a heartfelt celebration tailored to your unique style. Let’s create unforgettable memories as you begin your forever on the tranquil waters of Subic Bay. Your love, the sea, and a breathtaking sunset—ahoy to your happily ever after! ⚓