VIP Service

At EFR, we cater to VIP guests with a focus on security and satisfaction. Our clientele includes foreign and local business personalities such as CEOs, presidents, directors, chairmen, and business owners. Additionally, we handle high-profile government officials like generals, mayors, and congressmen.

From foreign tourists to local visitors, we serve them all. Our team ensures a secured and memorable experience for VIP guests, prioritizing their comfort and enjoyment. We offer personalized assistance, arranging yachts with professional hosts and providing guidance on maritime matters.

Moreover, we go beyond standard charters, offering comprehensive support to newcomers to Subic Bay. We create a secure and comfortable environment for our guests to relax and have fun. Additionally, we facilitate referrals and networking opportunities for those in the charter business.

At EFR, exceeding expectations and delivering unparalleled service to our VIP guests is our top priority. We aim to leave them with lasting memories of their time with us.



Ms. Lyn Lee is entrusted with overseeing upper management and VVIP guests, ensuring their needs are impeccably met.

Beyond her professional role, she is also recognized as an artist and an esteemed agent within the Maritime Industry, representing the interests of other agents with finesse and expertise.


Ms. Eri Lee plays a pivotal role as the communication hub for all parties involved. Specializing in sales, she excels in orchestrating corporate and wedding events with precision and mastery.

Her expertise ensures the seamless execution of every yacht event, making her the driving force behind their success.


Mr. Michael takes charge of service facilitation, water sports, and ensuring the security of clients on the yacht.

He specializes in making things happen, ensuring a 5-star service is provided, and guaranteeing the enjoyment of each guest. His flexibility and enthusiasm for sports, particularly in surfing, trail biking, and longboarding, add an extra dimension to the guest experience. With his sense of humor, he ensures everyone feels comfortable and at ease.

Feel free to contact Ms. Eri Lee for arrangements +63956-819-3010 /