Terms and Conditions



Security Terms

  • All clients or guests of EFR shall provide valid government IDs for security validation of The Subic Bay Yacht Club Security Officer.
  • Primary guest must authenticate the boarding voucher sent by tagapangasiwa@gmail.com
  • The Subic Bay Yacht Club Security Officer will sign your boarding voucher.
  • EFR shall be responsible for the safety and security of all its guests during the service and Subic Bay Yacht Club Assets. 
  • The guests shall be the responsibility of the client/guests for any damages to the vessel or injury to persons caused by its guests.


Acts of God

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as weather, natural disasters, the Yacht Club has the right to cancel the trip. The canceled itinerary will be automatically rescheduled and no refund will be made. Both parties would find a reasonable date for the reschedule which is amenable to both parties.
  • There are no guarantees for our services in regards to unforeseen events in relation with the current weather, time delays and other factors that may affect our services.
  • Our activities are weather dependent, schedules may be subject to change or cancellation. We will send weather updates 3 days before the scheduled activities and we will notify you for any concerns or changes. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • In the event of cancellation by the client, the initial payment made by the undersigned will be forfeited.
  • Notwithstanding the immediately preceding, the captain of the vessel shall have the authority to cancel the event for passengers especially for the vessel’s safety and security. The captain’s cancellation shall be deemed a cancellation by the owner for all intents and purposes.
  • It is our pleasure to assist you with enthusiasm, courtesy and respect. We are hoping that you would treat our staff and agents in the same manner. It is our right to refuse service for anyone with inappropriate behavior or uses inappropriate language to any of our agents and employees. (refund policy will apply)


Refund Policy:

  • No refund policy is in effect, you may only reschedule your booking.
  • Rescheduled bookings are charged 20% of the total refund amount.
  • Refund will only be allowed if the management cancelled the said booking.
  • In some special cases, refunds of 20,000php and below will take 2 weeks to process and 20,001php and above will take 4 weeks to process upon agreement of refund.

Rescheduling Policy:

  • Your appointments are very important to the EFR team and partners.  The date and time are reserved especially for you.  We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary.  Therefore, we respectfully request at least 7 days notice rescheduling of appointments. 
  • Please understand that when you forget, cancel, or change your appointment without giving prior notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waitlist miss the opportunity to receive services. 
  • When you reschedule your appointment you will be charged a 20% service fee. 
  • You can only reschedule your services once a year. 

Reservation and Payment Policy

  • 50%  of the total charges will be paid upon sending the quotation. 
  • The 30% Yacht Security Deposit (Total Yacht Rental Amount x 30%) is required and will be refunded after (5) Five Banking Days if no damages occurred and demanded by the Captain and/or EFR.
    • The amount of damage shall be imposed against the security deposit becomes insufficient, the client shall pay deficiency. The security deposit shall not earn interest and shall be returned to the client after the event, less allowable deductions. 
  • All rates are exclusive of VAT, other taxes and service fees.


Yacht and Club Etiquettes


  • All guests should send a copy of valid ID before the event. 
    • Any slippers or shoes are not allowed in some yachts. There will be a dedicated slipper that you can use while you are on the premises.
    • Usage of the yacht is strictly from your booked time. We only allow changing the time of rental once and should be requested days  prior to on-boarding. 
    • Please respect the instructions of the captain. The captain is the final decision maker on the ship, especially in terms of emergency. 
    • Only smoke at the designated smoking place and use the provided ashtray. All damages will be charged accordingly. 
    • Please be cautious at touching the yacht to control the instrument. 
    • Do not disturb the captain while the yacht is sailing.
    • Any damage to the process of using the yacht is to be compensated by the guests.
    • We are not liable to any of your personal belongings while you are on the yacht.
    • Maintain social distancing in the yacht. 
    • Always sanitize your hands

Terminals and terminal fees:

  • We are using different terminals depending on the boat  location and clients preference and budget. 
    • Watercraft Venture
      • Watercraft venture is a boat yard facility with 1 pier. 
      • The terminal fee is 2000 for small boats and 4000 for catamarans and trimaran
      • Car parking is 50 pesos
      • Pets are allowed (applicable in few yachts)
  • Subic Bay Yacht Club
    • SBYC facility is prestigious with two (2) lobbies, restaurants, hotel room and marina. 
    • SBYC Charges
      • The terminal fee 
      • Corkage fee
      • Parking fee 

Use of the yacht, obligations, damages:

  • Client Obligations
    • The yacht will not move until the primary guest is fully paid.
    • Be on time and in case of delays, the yacht will start consuming  based on your signed booking itinerary.
      • e.g 10 am departure and guest were late of  30 minutes the yacht will start consuming at 10am.
    • Don’t litter and be a responsible tourist and guest. 
    • When you make damages it will be deducted with your security deposit.
    • Don’t use inappropriate language with EFR and Yacht Crew
    • Please make sure to be on time.
    • There are cases where boats are late because of unexpected situations. We are asking for your kind patience when this happens. Causes may be due to wind, current, anchor situation. Don’t worry because these are just a normal thing in yachting since we are naturally dealing with nature.
    • When cruising it is important to be familiar with the areas that are vulnerable for damages like marine windows because of the cabin under the floor located at the bow of the boat.