Seven Reasons Why EFR

We are the number 1 source of yacht rentals in Subic Bay. The wide selection we offer makes us set apart. Our unique combination of creativity in the business, entrepreneurial spirit, our deep commitment to service, and our passion fore what we do.

Here’s the top 7 reasons that we think that you should choose us.

1. 8 years of experience – proven. reliable. resourceful. We host and entertained multi national clients from Western, Asians to Local clients. We outsource almost anything that they will need for all round experience in the Philippines.

2. Financial responsibilities – above all else, you want to be assured that your funds are protected as well as to know who you are doing business with.

3. Beyond the ordinary customer service -We treat our clients as patrons. We make sure that their needs are fulfill and we assigned service host to accommodate and accompany to make sure that they are comfortable during their cruises

4. We are independent– we search the entire fleet to recommend the ones that ideally for you.

5. The network of EFR – we engaged with  businesses in different industries and wide selection of suppliers.

6. We are passionate about our work – hosting is our favorite thing to do. we love to make you feel special and at home.

7. We’re fun to work with – lets have fun planning it. Yes, we are dead serious when it comes to negotiating the best contract for you and handling funds, but beyond that we are still enthused every time we help someone cast off on a cruise vacation or outsourcing a business for you.