"EFR History provides a glimpse into our impressive accomplishments over the years. With our vast experience and outstanding problem-solving abilities, we have carefully developed thorough measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for our valued clients and trusted suppliers. Our strong dedication to safety and security sets us apart from competitors and instills unwavering confidence in those who choose to partner with us.

In 2019, the concept of EFR was born, fueled by our determination to become the top choice for yacht rentals in Subic. Without delay, we set sail on our mission, and within a short time, we proudly possessed a fleet of 17 yachts, ready to be chartered in Subic and Manila as of 2023.

As the year progressed, we were encouraged by the gradual reopening of tourism in November 2020, signaling a glimmer of hope and the anticipation of welcoming visitors back to enjoy the wonders of Subic Bay once again.

2021 was a thrilling year for us. With fewer travel restrictions, we safely welcomed thousands of tourists from NCR and Region 3 to experience the wonders of Subic Bay. Our dinner cruises gained popularity and became a top attraction in the area. We also developed a program and system that is now utilized by agents from various yacht rental providers. We take pride in our contribution to the progress and growth of yacht tourism in Subic Bay.

In 2022, we introduced an innovative concept in yacht tourism. By bringing together various suppliers together, we created a seamless and unforgettable experience for our customers. Our strategic focus on high-profile clients and corporate accounts allowed us to cater to their specific preferences and requirements. We also expanded our services to include industrial jobs and streamlined the processing of MARINA documents, making it easier for yacht owners and operators. Through our commitment to innovation and exceptional service, we have established ourselves as a trusted source in the yacht tourism industry.

In 2023, we are excited to introduce new services in tourism and industry. We will offer thrilling experiences for our customers in the tourism sector and cater to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations in the industrial sector. This expansion signifies our commitment to innovation and growth. Stay tuned as we unveil these new services and continue to exceed expectations.