Hey there, adventure seekers! Imagine cruising on a cool boat to two awesome islands: Grande Island and Chiquita Island. It’s not about being fancy; it’s about having loads of fun

Grande Island: Super Calm and Relaxing

Grande Island is like a big, green, calm playground surrounded by mountains that meets the sea. Our cool boat will take you there, and you can chill on the deck, feeling the wind, jump-off the boat, snorkeling, fishing and watching the waves. 

Chiquita Island: A Hidden Nature Spot

Chiquita Island is like a secret hideout for nature lovers. Our fun boat ride will bring you close to this special place. You’ll get to see nature’s beauty, and guess what?  When it’s low tide, Chiquita Island even has a magical sandbar you can play on. It’s like having your own secret beach!

Hop on Our Awesome Boat Adventure

We’re not about being super fancy however we also got luxury listings and access; we’re about having a blast! Jump on our cool boat, where the fun is all about exploring. It’s not just a ride; it’s an adventure to see how awesome Subic Bay and its islands are. 

Little Joys, Big Memories

On our boat, we celebrate the little joys. Whether it’s a tasty snack on board or a splash in the sea, every moment is a chance to make awesome memories. Let’s have fun time and discover the magic of Grande and Chiquita Islands together!

Ready for a Fun Boat Trip?

Escape from ordinary days and dive into the excitement of Grande and Chiquita Islands. Our fun boat trips are your ticket to a day filled with adventure. Grab your spot for a fantastic, not-too-fancy, and totally awesome journey. Let’s set sail for fun! 🚤🌴