Authorized Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Authorized Agent: Everything You Need to Know


An authorized agent is someone who has facebook page with EFR-Subic website indicated. Check the website and open AUTHORIZED AGENTS and look for your AGENT PAGE NAME to verify.  If still unsure, visit the website and look for mobile number and call LYN LEE for agent verification.

Your agent will use professional platform to send your forms, ticket, and passes. It is important to review your agents because unauthorized agent can cost you headaches. 


EFR-Business Club

Authorized agents can either be business entities or individuals. Typically, to act as a service host, an authorized agent work remotely. We got agents located from anywhere in the Philippines.


  • EFR-Operations (Lyn, Erika, Justine)
  • EFR-Finance (Lyn, Erika)
  • EFR-Admin (Lyn, Erika, Czaira)
  • EFR-Recruitment (Lyn, Jannet, Direct Agents only, Indirect Agents CANT Recruit, Robert, Sunshine, Jolina, Gladys and Czaira)
  • EFR-Moments (All agents)

The person granting power to the authorized agent is the PRINCIPAL. Creating an agency relationship requires that the principal agree to allow the agent to act on their behalf and that the principal will be able to direct the agent’s actions. In many cases, an agency relationship is not formalized in writing, and is instead created by the conduct or words of the parties. The intention of the principal and the agent can also create an agency relationship.


The best way to think of the relationship between an authorized agent and a principal is as a financial arrangement. Generally, there is an authorized agent involved in a sale or some other type of financial transaction.

Establishing that a relationship exists between a principal and an agent requires providing two facts. First, there must be proof that the principal agreed to the relationship. The assent of the principal can be either implied or expressly given. Second, you must demonstrate that the agent is under the control of the principal.


Delegation of Authority

When authority is delegated to an agent, this delegation implies that the agent has the power to complete any acts that would be necessary of the principal. Even after this delegation, however, there are some limitations to the agent’s power. For example, the agent will not have power beyond what is necessary to complete a given act on the principal’s behalf.

In most cases, an authorized agent has all principal powers. Legally, this means that the agent has the ability to do everything that the principal would do, including agreeing to contracts. When an agent is delegated authority, this power only applies to the agent. Authorized agents are not allowed to delegate their authority to another person.

While authorized agents cannot transfer their power, they may hire sub-agents or clerks. If the clerks or sub-agents act in the name of the authorized agent, their actions will be legally binding for the principal.

Apparent authority is given when the principal causes a third-party to act with the authority of the authorized agent. There are several ways to grant this type of authority.

  • Intentionally granted by the principal.
  • Implied by the actions of the principal.
  • Granted through the inaction or lack of care of the principal.


Apparent Authority and Liability

Apparent authority is created when a third-party has the reasonable belief that they have the authority to act on behalf of the principal. When a principal’s actions imply apparent authority, the principal can be held liable for the actions of the third-party.

Before a principal agent can be held liable due to apparent authority, several facts must be established:

  • Consent to exercise this authority was manifested by the principal.
  • The third-party acted in good faith and believed that authority had been granted to the agent.
  • The third-party has suffered an injury or loss due to their belief in apparent authority.

If you need help with authorized agent, you can call 0927-028-7527


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FUN Sailing


NEW ADVENTURE—to share with family and friends close to home or in magnificent cruising grounds around  Subic Bay.


Whether you’re interested in day sailing, cruising, competitive racing, or charter vacations, there is a sailboat for you and a lifetime of sailing adventures ahead.


While on a sailing boat, our skipper and crew will teach you the basic sailing techniques every experienced skipper learnt as their first sailing skill.

As young as 10 years old can participate and learn something new. Everyone can learn to sail with just a little bit of persistence, and doesn’t that make a great story for all your friends? Aye aye, captain!


SAILING with Family and Friends



Sampaloc Cove is a great destination to visit when you are learning how to sail. The beach water is very rewarding!

The ultimate fun on the waves with budget of regular vacation!



  • Sunglasses.
  • Hats.
  • Sailing gloves.
  • Boat shoes.
  • Swimsuits.
  • Towels.
  • Sunscreen (min. SPF-15).
  • Motion-sickness pills.

Marriage Proposal

You have the ring and now want to make it a perfect event!

All you have to do is inform us ahead of time . Our team is your “KASABWAT” and we even help with the back story to have your “soon to be fiancée” arrive with no clue of the life changing events to follow.

Marriage Proposal with a difference

This is a perfect boat for the couples, who looking to learn something new and explore Subic Bay from another angle. Depending on the cruise theme, the ride duration is around 2 hours or more.

For arrangements, you may contact your agent (list of agents) to help you with preparation. Or coordinate directly to us at