About the founder


Young entrepreneur and artist-in-chief at Bamba Bong Group.

EFR Group of Companies Рgroup of companies, organizations and individuals who works together to provide the best services for travel and tour experiences in the Philippines.

Subic Mafia – Lifestyle provider

Bamba Bong Creatives – group of traditional and digital artists

Bamba Bong Gallery – art broker and had shipped paintings in Europe, United States and Asia.

Gift To Remember – art of gift giving.

Amazing journey with Subic Sailing

My entrepreneurial journey starts with Subic Sailing, my second home. 

Social Service

From mountain to sea, nothing can stop us to make a difference.

I have a unique job experience in Boracay

Worked with Boracay Explorer and hosted different nationalities to show some good time in Carabao Island (Island near Boracay)

Artistic Side

Mixed media art and my 80% of my work is by using pens.